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Swarovski International

Project Type:

Retail Fit Out


Melbourne – Australia

This newly refurbished 62.75 square metre boutique was designed with the ‘Crystal Forest’ theme.

Inside the boutique all the walls are textured with reflective white relief prisms while a interplay of vertical and horizontal showcases is integrated into the relief walls to present products in their element.

An exclusive lacquer adds “a glowing sparkle to furniture,” a large crystal swan stands behind the cash desk an internal four metre high crystal strand column illuminated with LED lighting. Outside the boutique, a sparkling façade of stainless steel prisms.

We have successfully completed 36 Swarovski ‘Crystal Forest’ boutiques over a 36 month period covering all major cities and retail centres throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Visit this store:

352 Princes Highway, Fountain Gate VIC 3805

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