Goldfields House Level 1
1 Alfred Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

p: 1300 912 563
e: info@brodon.com.au

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Our Mission

Create environments that enhance creativity and empowers imagination.

Our Values

Control – We value the avoidance of chaos by taking control. We seize the reigns where others have given up. We impose order so that things get done to our satisfaction and the satisfaction of our customers.

Proactivity – We want to keep the ball rolling so we step up and provide creative solutions to the job done. To us the final result is more important than just our part in it. We are unstoppable.

Succulent – We value the delicious, the sensuously hot and sizzling experiences, feelings and emotions that we create through out interactions and our builds. We seek to create mouth-watering experiences that indulge the senses.


Brodon provides all of our clients with a range of solutions and services that specifically address each individual project, as well as the client’s individual needs. We recognise that the level of services can vary on a project-by-project basis.
• Design & Construct
• Tender & Planning
• Project Management
• Local Authority Compliance
• Construction Management
• Development Management
• Procurement Services
• Manufacturing & Fabrication
• Installation Teams
• Hard dollar Construction
• Test Fit & Design
• Property Maintenance
• Cost Plan & Budget Preparation
• Design & Construct Lump Sum
• Design & Construct GMP
• Property Maintenance
• Exhibit Hiring
• National / International Warehousing
• National / International Logistic Management
• National / International Alliances & Partners